Bird watching by Mass Audubon

Bird watching by Mass Audubon

Current fowl sightings as reported to Mass Audubon:

There was an “attention-grabbing number of uncommon birds” in Massachusetts this week, in response to Mass Audubon, together with the Hammond flycatcher in Falmouth, the Dusky flycatcher in Rockport, Bullock Street in Harmony, and the cave swallow in Manumet and Westport , which is bigger white. A fronted goose in Plymouth, two tufted geese in Nantucket.

Cape Cod: Highlights included a big early morning seabird journey in Race Level, Provincetown on Wednesday, which included 300 Cory shearwaters, 3,000 shearwaters, 3,000 northern gannets, 2,500 black-legged kittiwakes, 200 Bonaparte birds, and 75 razorbills. Elsewhere in Provincetown there was a lark on the airport, and at Nawset Seashore in Orleans 17 Late Barn Swallows have been counted. Most famously, on Peterson’s farm in Falmouth, there was a doable Hammond flycatcher – a species for which there are fewer than 10 earlier official data – and a really late Olive-side flycatcher. Bohemian wax pavilion on Pound Brooke Island in Wellfleet, a blue-and-gray late-cat hunter at Nopska Pond in Woods Gap, Three Steady Shrubs at Forest Seashore in Chatham, and Yellow-Crested Heron at Robert F. Smith Chilly Brook Protect in Harwich.

Bristol County: Notable figures are a Eurasian pigeon at Miller Avenue Pond in Seekonk, 22 Harlequin Geese at Gooseberry Island in Westport, two egrets at Barneys Pleasure Street in South Dartmouth, a Cave swallow at Horseneck Seashore in Westport and two decanter bars at Egypt Lane ponds in Fairhaven.

Plymouth County: A big white-fronted goose at Plymouth’s Shell Stables, the continued presence of three Sandhill cranes in Hanson’s Burrage Pond Wildlife Administration Space, a combined flock of swallows at Manomet Chicken Observatory that included 25 Barn Swallows, a Financial institution Swallow and a cave swallow. A late Nile threshing was noticed on the Nemasket Path.

Norfolk County: A late Osprey at Nice Pond in Randolph, a black-headed gull at Wollaston Seashore in Quincy and a Nelson sparrow at Broad Meadows Marsh in Quincy.

Suffolk County: American golden plover in Winthrop, gliding woodpecker at Stony Brook Protect, Wilson’s fowl at McLaughlin Woods in Mission Hill, and vesper sparrow at Millennium Park in West Roxbury.

Middlesex County: Redheads in Arlington Reservoir and Bullock Plate at Kavesky Ranch Protect grounds in Harmony.

Essex County: A Townsend songbird in West Newbury, three bohemian wax wings, and a possible Dusky Flycatcher at Waring Discipline in Rockport, which might be the primary state document if it could possibly be confirmed. Additionally, the northern Boxford gooseberry, a steady red-headed woodpecker in Ipswich, a late yellow-legged short-legged at Tough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary in Rowley and three crossed red-leaved in Salisbury.

Berkshire County: American Golden Plover in Sheffield, a crackling goose within the Mount Williams Reservoir in North Adams, a Diecastle and 4 Crossed Crimson Leaf in Pittsfield, and two Indigo in Williamstown.

Franklin County: He went on to host two Cackling Geese at Tri-City Seashore in Whately, three Black Vultures in Turners Falls, and the Northern Shrike at Orange Municipal Airport.

Hampshire County: A big white-fronted goose on the campus of Smith School in Northampton, and a black-legged Kittiwake at Windsor Dam in Quabbin in Belchertown.

Hampden County: Goose chatter and Barrow’s golden eye in Lengthy Meadow.

Worcester County: Franklin’s Gull at Quaboag Pond in Brookfield, 5 Black Vultures in Hardwick, two golden eagles at Wachusett Mountain State Reserve, and Bohemian waxwing in Ashburnham.

Martha’s Winery: A Eurasian pigeon was seen amongst an American wigeon herd in Katama and two widespread crows at a number of places.

Nantucket: Two tufted geese on Lengthy Pond and two bohemian wax wings on the Wauwinet tennis courts and Squam Ranch.

For extra data on fowl watching or to report fowl watching, name Mass Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to

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