Increased black bear viewing in Helena

Increased black bear viewing in Helena

Helena has no shortage of wonderful historical draws, restaurants, and breweries. However this fall, the bears appear to be taking a visit to town farther than they’ve been in years previous. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that the bruins would come right here to tour the capital’s constructing.

“Between calls as soon as I see feces or discover out the bear was there earlier than precise sightings like this, I most likely get three to 4 a day,” Sean McCarthy, an city wildlife and animal management official, informed MTN. .

McCarthy says he is been very busy this fall.

“I’d undoubtedly say the variety of calls has gone up, and the quantity of sightings within the metropolis specifically,” McCarthy mentioned. “I’ll say this spring has been a really lively spring for city wildlife, only for all of the animals which have numerous younger this spring. There have been numerous The offspring this yr.”

That is almost definitely because of the gentle winters we skilled, which resulted in a better survival price for the animals. And extra animals means extra meals – which isn’t precisely the case within the jungle in the mean time.

McCarthy informed MTN, “Presently of yr, the bears are having drought points within the mountains. The berries have dried up, issues like that, they’d usually be consumed or eaten by different animals. So they are going down, and that is one of many largest causes we see them right here, They stream from the stifling cherry bushes and the odor of apples. So we see them on the outskirts of city, particularly in areas like this the place there’s an abundance of fruit bushes after which sadly they begin coming into our garages, issues like that. I am monitoring a bear.”

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Similar to avoiding bear encounters within the jungle, there are issues we are able to do to forestall these black bears from getting too shut for the sake of resting within the metropolis.

“There are numerous issues we are able to do to assist form of cut back a few of these bears’ actions and actually recur. Choose apple bushes, if now we have fruit bushes, decide any fruit from the bottom, and be sure that space is clear. When you have any,” McCarthy mentioned. Hanging fruit, ensure you harvest it repeatedly, and get it out of the world.” When you have the power to retailer your trash cans indoors in a protected space, achieve this. The query always arises about chicken feeders for me, I get numerous that. Folks nonetheless need to take out their chicken feeders. So the suggestion is to boost them as excessive as potential, on edges on which the bear may not even attempt to climb. Possibly you simply fill it midway so there is not numerous meals in it and that additional feed you’ve got for birds or chickens, which feed if it may be saved in containers inside someplace could be excellent.”

Sean additionally informed me that bears may cause harm to your pets, however black bears do not often search for them as meals. They’re extra scavengers then hunters right here on the town. However it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to be very cautious when leaving your animals exterior at daybreak or nightfall.

When you see a bear within the metropolis limits, name Helena Police Department or Montana fish, wildlife and parks.

And bear in mind, the bears will develop into extra lively within the coming months as they put together for hibernation. The FWP says avoiding a battle is less complicated than coping with one.

  • Bear spray is a extremely efficient, non-lethal bear deterrent. Carry EPA-approved bear spray and learn to use it.
  • By no means feed wildlife, particularly bears. Bears that develop into tailored meals lose their regular foraging conduct and pose a risk to human security. It’s unlawful to feed bears in Montana.
  • Get to know your bears. You will need to know the distinction between grizzly bears and black bears, whether or not you might be looking or mountain climbing.
  • All the time preserve a protected distance from wildlife. By no means method a bear on objective.
  • Loud noises, such because the banging of pots and pans, using an air horn or your automobile alarm, or screeching, is a straightforward and efficient short-term solution to deter a bear on non-public property.

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