New cave bat species in Sri Lanka highlight the need for further research

New cave bat species in Sri Lanka highlight the need for further research

Colombo: Throughout the 18th and nineteenth centuries when Sri Lanka was a British colony, many British naturalists studied the island’s wealthy biodiversity and contributed to figuring out the identical. tea planter WWA Philips One in every of them, a person who was notably fascinated with mammals, finally revealed The Mammals of Sri Lanka Handbook in 1932. A chapter in his e book describes the bat fauna of the island, together with the Sri Lankan woolly bat (kyrifola malpaci), a brand new species in science.

  • Researchers describe a brand new species of bat present in Sri Lanka and southern India and have named it Miniopterus phillipsi in honor of British naturalist W.A. Phillips.
  • Sri Lanka is residence to 31 species of bats, however the researchers say there could possibly be extra on condition that neighboring India has 132 species of bats already described.
  • The variety of recognized species within the genus Miniopterus has doubled in Africa, however in Asia, M. phillipsi is the primary new addition to this genus after six many years.
  • M. phillipsi is a small insectivorous bat beforehand recognized as Miniopterus fuliginosus; It inhabits caves and its inhabitants stays steady, though habitat loss could quickly have an effect on these bats.

Now, 90 years after the invention of Phillips, a younger researcher Tharaka KusumendaPhD pupil in Ruhuna Universityand his workforce describe a brand new species of bat from Sri Lanka, and provides it a reputation Minioptros Philips In honor of the British naturalist. Their findings have been reported within the journal Acta Chiroptological.

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