This zodiac sign is the best cat owner, according to astrologers

This zodiac sign is the best cat owner, according to astrologers

There’s a motive that one of the frequent deadlock-breaking questions is “Are you a cat or a canine individual?” Usually, cats are introverted, calm and Enjoy their personal spacewhereas canine are extroverted, outgoing, and Prefer to explore the world with the others. It seems that astrology can predict a few of these properties. However can she decide who is likely to be probably the most appropriate pet proprietor? Astrologers say sure. Learn on to listen to from a panel of specialists on which members of the zodiac make the perfect cat homeowners, from odd feline mother and father to those that spend each final minute feeding their kittens.

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Libras respect sophistication and outward look, and cats may give them simply that.

“The clear, elegant, and delicately cute nature of cats makes them the proper companion for the elegant and trendy Libra,” he says, Masha LodiProprietor of the Tarot, Astrology and Spirituality Weblog Bish witch. “These air indicators will sincerely respect the aesthetic look of a silky comfortable Russian blue or the alluring and funky qualities of the Maine Coon signal.”

As a result of Libra enjoys being surrounded by beautiful things Made to final, their cats will get high quality beds, collars, scratching posts, and each different cat accent.


most cancers

Represented by crab, crab is home of the zodiac. And is it higher to wash a cat with lasting love and affection than a born breeder?

“Most cancers sufferers need nothing greater than to pamper the individuals and animals they love,” says Lodi. “Caring for a valuable cat permits Cancers to imbue a mom’s love and a spotlight that makes them really feel heat and mysterious.”

Do not be shocked if a Cancerian cat proprietor tells you that he bakes selfmade meals for his pet or that he must give up a social perform early to play along with his furry pal.

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in keeping with Maria HayesThe astrologer and tarot reader in reliable astrologyEach animal has its personal ruling planet. For cats, this planet is Saturn, the identical planet that guidelines Capricorn. So, these two perceive one another on a deep degree.

“Identical to Capricorns, cats reward their homeowners to acknowledge the limits; “They will not give off their affections simply, and you must show you are worthy earlier than they cuddle with you,” Hayes says. “Capricorns are additionally good cat homeowners as a result of they do not go loopy even when their furry pals wake them up at evening.”

This signal is awfully forgiving and by no means tires of providing pet treats and playtime.



The lion represents the lion, so it’s no shock that he is among the prime three cat homeowners.

“Cats are refined, arduous to learn, and Very comfortable on its own. Hayes says cat homeowners possess this trait that’s incompatible with canine who’re used to being enthusiastically greeted and licked on a regular basis, “Likewise, a Leo wouldn’t assume to embarrass themselves with their pet nature.”

Another excuse Leos make nice cat homeowners is aesthetic. “Nothing makes them happier than sharing a selfie with their cute pet,” provides Hayes.

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The scorpion

No two beings are extra alike in nature than a scorpion and a cat.

Cats and Scorpios each require solitude and independence on an intense levelAnd in case you cross into this house with out permission, watch out for the claws.” Pree the MalevikAnd the astrologer, psychic mediumTarot reader. “A cat approaching you for a pet is sort of a scorpion sharing a private reality about himself; will you bathe them with adoration, or will you make a mistake and the cat and the scorpion withdraw fully?”

As any cat proprietor will inform you, you will probably solely make the proper transfer about 50 p.c of the time.


the Bull

The most effective cat proprietor within the zodiac is Taurus.

“Taurus is a hard and fast earth signal dominated by the planet of affection and pleasure, Venus, which suggests he desperately must really feel comfy always and can spend time, power and sources to make sure his dwelling matches this power,” Brie says. . “The cat suits completely on this spot and can have no drawback discovering a cushty and stress-free place to calm down.”

Another excuse Taurus makes wonderful cat homeowners is that they’re Too focused on routine. Cats can rely on their Taurus homeowners to feed them, play with them and pet them day-after-day on the similar time with out fail. Plus, their cats will get all of the snuggle and affection they permit.

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