Why is my cat vomiting?  8 possible reasons

Why is my cat vomiting? 8 possible reasons

Whereas it is regular in your cat to vomit sometimes – whether or not it is from a hairball or consuming one thing they should not be consuming – if it does occur regularly, there could also be an underlying well being situation.

Veterinarians agree that frequent cat vomiting is a trigger for concern, and if the issue persists, you will need to have your furry good friend checked by a vet. Here is what you might want to know if a file The cat is vomiting On a regular basis.

What is taken into account repeated vomiting?

There’s a widespread false impression that frequent vomiting is “regular” in cats. this isn’t true, Dr. Jamie Wittenberg, DVMchief veterinarian at cat world And the director of the Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Texas, explains. Even if cats could sometimes spit out hairballs, vomiting isn’t regular. Any cat that vomits a number of occasions a day or vomits ceaselessly must be seen by a vet.

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